Preparation and lodgement of tax returns for:


  • Individuals

  • Partnerships

  • Trusts

  • Companies

  • Combinations of the above

Individual Tax Returns: All Individual tax returns will aimed to be completed within two days of receiving a complete online questionnaire form. If the tax return interviews are conducted in person the tax returns can be lodged that same day.

Tax Return Checklists: An appropriate and up to date checklist will be used to ensure you receive maximum refund you are entitled to.


Tax Return Lodgement of Non Individual Entities: Ensuring your tax return is lodged by its due date and as quickly as possible.

Rental Properties: Ensure all income is included and all allowable deductions are claimed.



BAS + IAS Statements

Preparation and lodgement of Business Activity Statements including Fuel Rebate claims. Ensure that your maximum input credits and fuel rebates are being claimed.

Instalment Activity Statements: Prepare statements that will ensure you fulfil your obligations by the due date and accurately prepay your income tax for the current year.


Business Startup Advice

It is very important to start your business off on the right note. I can help with advice about the best way to structure your business and selecting the most appropriate entity type to suit your circumstances.  I can assist you with ABN , GST , Fuel tax and PAYG registrations. 

Annual Accounting

Financial Reports: Preparing financial statements that comply with the relevant accounting statements. These will include a Statement of Financial Performance (Profit & Loss), Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) and supporting explanatory notes.

Cash Flow Reports: Can produce a cash flow report that analyses the most important aspect of your business.  Where your money came from and where it went.

Business Performance Review: Can provide an analysis of what went well for your business and also some areas that can be improved.

Quality Assurance: Use my professional judgement to ensure all transactions are captured and they are allocated correctly between income, expenses, assets, liabilities and owners equity. Will ensure the information contained in the financial reports is supported by working papers.



Are you tired of doing all your own bookkeeping? Want to spend more time on your core business, with your family or on other interests?


I am able to provide you with a CPA Accountant level service at very competitive bookkeeping level prices. If you are happy with your existing accountant then I can do your bookkeeping and BAS returns.


If you are looking for a one stop shop then I can do the entire process from bookkeeping and BAS preparation through to the preparation of your financial accounts, lodgement of tax returns and review of your business performance. 


I am happy to discuss what accounting software you use and if it is easier to do it onsite or remotely.

Budgets and Forecasts

Profit Plan: I can produce a profit plan and cash flow forecast. I can then review this forecast at the end of the year to see how the actual performance compared to this.

Capital Gains Tax

Cost Base: I can establish the correct cost base of the asset and accurately calculate any capital gain on disposal.

PAYG + Superannuation

Compliance Review: I can review if your records accurately fulfil all your obligations.

Statement Preparation: I can assist in the preparation of Annual PAYG Payment summary forms.

Annual Superannuation Guarantee: I will ensure that the correct amount of Super Guarantee payments is being made.


Cloud Accounting

Accounting packages such as Xero and MYOB Account Right live are now providing a single accounting ledger which can be accessed by Accountants and Clients in real time. Both the client and the accountant can see the same information at the same time. It prevents the possible problems with the transferring of data.

Contract Accounting

I am available to work as a contract accountant for businesses who want to take their operation tothe next level without the added expense of employing someone full time.I can do the bookkeeping, BAS preparation and accounting for your business and then turn this information into reports that help you to understand how your business is performing at the moment. These reports can include monthly or quarterly profit and loss statements, cash flow reports and budgets. I can also provide key performance indicator monitoring to actively track your businesses performance.If you wish to maintain your existing accountant I can liaise with them about your annual accounts and tax returns, or I can complete them for you.