Troy Atkins


During my fourteen years of working for various accounting firms, one area that caught my attention was the need for a fully integrated and cost effective book keeping, accounting and taxation service.


As a fully qualified CPA accountant operating a start up business with low overheads, I am in a unique position to be able to offer exactly this.


Many medium and small businesses do their own bookkeeping or hire a bookkeeper to do their work for them. Time can be lost liaising with your accountant and the exorbitant hourly rates the firms charge for their services can leave you realing. I will provide you with an alternative to this.


Let’s face it, there are many more exciting things for you to be doing with your life like focusing on your core business, family or other leisure pursuits. I would love to help you out by offering a cost effective, quality service. Although I provide the full range of services from bookkeeping through to accounting and taxation I am happy to do as little or as much as you need.


I believe business owners and management are often making decisions based on an annual set ofaccounts which represents what has happened in the past with your business not what is happeningnow. I can provide you with up to date information as often as you would like it so you can have a clear understanding of how your business is performing at the moment.I can provide monthly or quarterly profit and loss statements, cash flow reports and budgets to enable you to make informed and proactive business decisions aimed at improving your profitability.Best of all I can provide this service at a very affordable fixed fee rate. Please feel free to contact me for a FREE no obligation initial discussion.


Member of CPA Australia (Member No 9206390)

Registered Tax Agent (Number 24666810)

Registered BAS Preparer

Bachelor of Commerce 

Benefits of working with Troy Atkins Accounting




• Experienced Accountant for your business at a part time cost.

• Flexibility. Available to do as much or as little as you would like. Could be on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

• Fixed pricing is available. The fixed price option means you will know exactly what you will be charged so there are no unexpected bills or time disputes.

• More expertise than a bookkeeper.

• Can provide regular up to date and proactive advice as opposed to an annual trip to your accountant.

• Analysis of current data to help you improve your profitability.

• Free owner or key personnel time to utilise their expertise to focus on the core business.

• Experienced in the preparation of individual income tax returns and rental property schedules.

• Personal. You will be dealing with me not a range of people like in some accounting firms.

• Professional. As a CPA with seventeen years experience I can provide services at a high professional standard.

• Affordable. I am able to offer you an affordable Accounting solution without compromising on quality.